Increasing numbers of teachers are recognising the importance of Thinking Skills in today's demanding educational environment but often lack the necessary material for a logical, structured approach.

Chesspod has been designed with precisely this in mind. Aimed at players from 8 years and upwards, it offers a structured approach to teaching chess skills, starting from complete beginner and offering all the tuition required to reach the standard of a junior county player.

In addition, it offers the non-chess-playing teacher the tools required to run a School Chess Club and in-school tournaments. It will:-

Chesspod's content has been devised and written by Peter Walker and Ellen Crozier, who are both Qualified Teachers and Chess Coaches. Peter has, for a period of two decades, been one of England's most successful coaches of junior chess players, with numerous of his pupils having won British age-group Championships, as well as having won National titles as members of School and County teams; Ellen is Head of History at Maidstone Girls' Grammar School. She was a member of the Temple Sutton School team which won the National under-11 Championship in 1992, and throughout her teens was one of England's strongest female players in her age group.

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